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Alarm Systems Limited
15 Mains Street
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Alarm Systems Limited Lockerbie

01576 204000
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Alarm Systems Limited LockerbieDumfriesshire
Alarm System Specialists
Security of your premises can comprise of many issues, we at ASL take pride in providing our customers with a "One Stop Shop" for all their security requirements.

Whether you require a small domestic installation or a large integrated security installation with remote monitoring, our experienced staff shall be happy to advise on the best system for your property. Contact us for further information or to provide a quotation.
Engineers on call 24 hours a day
Closed Circuit Television
  Closed Circuit Television
Closed Circuit Television
We can design, install & maintain CCTV systems which range from single camera/single monitor installations to those with multiple cameras and sophisticated control and monitoring equipment capable of remote access and review.

We can also provide a range of covert cameras to assist in providing discreet video/audio surveillance when needed.

Fire Alarm Systems
  Fire Alarms

We design, install and maintain large and small fire alarms.

These vary from local annunciation to central station reporting for Fire Brigade action.

These alarm systems will comply with all relevant standards and codes of practice.
Secure access
   Access Control
Access control is now an accepted part of business and communal accommodation operations. It protects both personal and physical assets by sorting those who do belong from those who do not. We have experience of the design and installation of systems, which range from single door entry to multiple units controlled by PC, which allow or deny access to car parks, flats, computer rooms, hazardous areas and offices etc.
Access control systems can use various technologies, pin code keypads, swipe cards, proximity cards or key fobs etc.

Contact us to discuss your requirements
Access Control Systems
NSI approved alarm installers
   Safe in our Hands
Throughout the years, sound and steady growth has enabled employment of additional staff. Staff have gained much experience within the company giving us a very large base of experience In the Security Industry. Our experienced staff are all waiting to serve you, the customer.

Steady and stable growth is just what the customer needs in a security company to ensure integrity, security, and not least stability. ASL have noticed that this is something which would appear not to have existed In the many hundreds of other alarm companies which we have seen come and go, over the years. The majority of those we have seen come and go are either large National companies, or Individuals, trying to make a "fast buck" out of the Industry, not realising what they are getting into. Then when they find out how demanding this Industry Is, they tend to pack up and go. ASL have however got themselves placed as a medium sized company, by growing slowly, and putting service first.

ASL are convinced that it is their stability and experience which Is the greatest benefit to their customers, since any customer may, during the many years they use their systems, require some emergency back-up service, or some alterations or additions to their system. This of course is only possible If their installation company has the stability to remain In the business in the long term.
Alarm Systems Limited Lockerbie Lockerbie Dumfriesshire Alarm Systems Limited Lockerbie
Alarm Systems Limited Lockerbie

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